Month: June 2020

Vision for 2020 by Kinsale Yacht Club


The commodore baton of the Kinsale Yacht Club has been passed over to Michael Walsh from David O’Sullivan in the month of December in 2019. Currently, the new commodore is gathering his troops to make the year 2020 the busiest for all of them. One of the busiest members of the committee will be Matthias Hellstern who has moved to the position as the Vice Commodore of the yacht club with the sailing responsibility. There are lots of sailing this season at the Kinsale Yacht Club in spite of not being the year for the Sovereign’s Cup.

The strong sailors will be testing the waters next month for the traditional arrangement of Frostbites along with the cruisers getting powdered down and going for the race in the month of March for the League of Frank Godsell. In the month of April, the much-awaited Spring Cruiser Series where high levels of competition can be witnessed. The launch of the Dragons will also take place in the same month somewhat earlier than the usual time. A weekend has been planned for the training session with Martin Payne, coach and international sailor.
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