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Vision for 2020 by Kinsale Yacht Club


The commodore baton of the Kinsale Yacht Club has been passed over to Michael Walsh from David O’Sullivan in the month of December in 2019. Currently, the new commodore is gathering his troops to make the year 2020 the busiest for all of them. One of the busiest members of the committee will be Matthias Hellstern who has moved to the position as the Vice Commodore of the yacht club with the sailing responsibility. There are lots of sailing this season at the Kinsale Yacht Club in spite of not being the year for the Sovereign’s Cup.

The strong sailors will be testing the waters next month for the traditional arrangement of Frostbites along with the cruisers getting powdered down and going for the race in the month of March for the League of Frank Godsell. In the month of April, the much-awaited Spring Cruiser Series where high levels of competition can be witnessed. The launch of the Dragons will also take place in the same month somewhat earlier than the usual time. A weekend has been planned for the training session with Martin Payne, coach and international sailor.
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Teams Ready For Sailing Champions League Finals

The Sailing Champions League finals are here and about 32 clubs from the 12 nations participating are ready for the challenge in St Moritz. The second semi final was recently concluded in St Petersburg, Russia. This was after four days of racing in the waters when Verein won the Norddeutscher Regatta.

The race was a close one with Norddeutscher Regatta Verein winning over Deutscher Touring Yacht Club’s German team with a close point difference of 2.8. The navigator sailing team of Russia gained third position overall. With the big finals of Sailing Champions League are coming up from 30th August to 2nd September, the big finals would see 32 clubs participating from 12 nations at St Moritz.
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Conflict Over Super Yacht Release

The super yacht S/Y a having been seized by the Bay of Gibraltar has brought much interest and intrigue in the sailing world. Indeed, the fact that the shipbuilding yard released the vessel only to get it seized and arrested does raise questions.

This is also sounded in the words of the owner that have been released in public media through his representative. These words show surprise in the way the shipbuilder has acted, especially a company that has a standing and reputation like Nobiskrug. The arrest of this sailing yacht is being viewed with disappointment by the customer. Continue reading Conflict Over Super Yacht Release

South Lake’s Student Sailing Star

The difference between admirers and die-hard followers is admirer, just praising the moves of their heroes on the other hand follower take lessons from these moves and implement in their real life.

Example of this has been shown by secondary students of south lake school. Following their heroes of Olympic sailing, these students from south lake followed their heroes and created the national squads.

Alfie Cogger and Pierce Harris both have created the GB national sailing squad. Some members of the squad will get a chance to go to Europe to participate in various championships. The youngsters have now qualified for northern sailing squads and United Kingdom national championship. They have qualified for their RS Feva and RS Tera dinghies that are very small size yacht. To form the squad students went through tough competition and qualification process and it is their dedication towards sailing that gave them a chance to create the squad. Continue reading South Lake’s Student Sailing Star