South Lake’s Student Sailing Star

The difference between admirers and die-hard followers is admirer, just praising the moves of their heroes on the other hand follower take lessons from these moves and implement in their real life.

Example of this has been shown by secondary students of south lake school. Following their heroes of Olympic sailing, these students from south lake followed their heroes and created the national squads.

Alfie Cogger and Pierce Harris both have created the GB national sailing squad. Some members of the squad will get a chance to go to Europe to participate in various championships. The youngsters have now qualified for northern sailing squads and United Kingdom national championship. They have qualified for their RS Feva and RS Tera dinghies that are very small size yacht. To form the squad students went through tough competition and qualification process and it is their dedication towards sailing that gave them a chance to create the squad.

The pair of Alfie Cogger and Pierce Harris will compete at the European Championships. The championship will take place in the month of June 2017 and it will be hosted by Switzerland’s club Nautique de Versoix. In addition to competing in European championship the pair will also compete in world championships that will at Medemblik’s International Sailing Club of Netherlands. This championship will take place in the month of July.

Upon his success in sailing at the age of Pierce said: “For four years I have been sailing and it is an incredible feeling that we made national squad.”

Felix Stewart and Theo, Tom Johnson and James, these two pairs have also secured selection for both Northern Squads and RS Tera National. The yacht used in RE Tera remains slightly smaller than RS Feva. These yachts are perfect for students who want to start sailing.

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