Team Japan Set Sail

With Team Japan is one of the surprise entrants in the America’s Cup World Series, there was much highlight of this team as well who are being viewed as an upcoming contestant from Asia. The America’s Cup World Series was held in the Fukuoka bay area of Japan this weekend. It is a world class sailing event; there was much focus on the teams that were competing in this event. It represented the final regatta of the nine events that comprised this tournament.

The Softbank Team Japan were not only part of this event, they have also tested themselves for the America’s Cup that is coming up next year. However, there was a frightening moment for them while the test races were on. A section of the wing of the boat broke off suddenly when they were sailing in Lefkas. The syndicate was trying to sail against the defending champions, the Oracle Team USA. They had reached the wind limit akin to the AC45.

However, Dean Barker felt that it was a good test of the capacity of the boat. It also helped them understand how they would need to be prepared for the next year and they felt fortunate that they were back to sail in the main event of the weekend.

Indeed, the team even made it noticeable through their performance in the practice races as well as on the first day of racing. Though there is not much expected out of them yet, this team has definitely made a strong start by participating in the final lap of the World Series that was concluded this year. It remains to be seen how well they will perform in the upcoming sailing events in the New Year. It will definitely bring into focus for sailing in this part of the country where the events need to move to world class levels.

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