Queen’s Student Muru At YSWC

When most of the school students were sleeping in during the break of winter, another student of Queen’s Matti Muru was busy in achieving his dreams.

On Dec 4 2016, Muru travelled to Auckland to participate in the (YSWC) Youth Sailing World Championships. Though, Muru finished at 25 out of 60 but has gained a lot of experience.

The young sailor started practicing the sport at the age of 9 and by the time he turned 14, he started his training to get into YSWC. After spending countless hours in the water and gym to get the perfect fitness and skills for sports, Muru became one of the best sailors in the country and after that he got the opportunity to participate in Youth Sailing World Championship.

Sharing his experience of YSWC, Muru said, “Though, I have competed in many tournaments, but sailing with so many experienced sailors was completely a different experience for me. I was nervous, but made it sure in my mind that I don’t have to commit any mistake.”

“The fleet was the toughest for me, though, the race was full of challenges, but I gained lots of experience from it. And now I am able to sail at the World level” said Muru.

The YSWC consisted of two races every day and it was for four days, and there was one more race on the final day. So, total there were nine races.

Each race had different conditions, making the race challenging for the participants sailors. “Throughout the race I had great moments, but I had some tough time as well because of wind shifts. This led me to have an inconsistent score at the end of the event. Still, I am happy with my performance and will be more prepared for next championship” said Muru.

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